Maracuja Oil

This site dedicated to beauty oils. Since my current favorite is Maracuja Oil, I will feature it in my first post.

Maracuja Oil has come into its own during 2015 and 2016, having received tons of editorial attention. The category leader is Tarte Cosmetics, which with the help of the television shopping channels, almost single handedly created this product demand. I for one am happy that they did.

Maracuja Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, the stuff your skin craves, and needs in order to look glowingly well. The nutrients absorb quickly and add vibrance to your complexion. Additionally, the oil is a seriously wonderful hair treatment. Seriously!

Though I admire Tarte’s oil, I am on a budget and cannot afford to drop $48 on a bottle. So I searched the market for the best oil for my budget. Guess what?? I found it, and it is not only the best oil for my budget, but for any budget. It is fabulous. And the company is fabulous too. Russell Organics is the brand. Their Maracuja Oil is really special. After Tarte, there are literally hundreds of companies offering Maracuja Oil. Russell Organics is by far the best quality. It doesn’t – ahem – smell, like the other ones I have tried. I would say that is is every bit as good as Tart’s oil, and over 30% less in price. That works for me!


So Maracuja Oil is very easy to use. Cleanse your skin, and then add a few drops and massage into the skin. Wipe away any excess. For hair, add a few drops to the ends of towel-dried hair and then style as usual. Couldn’t be easier.

Here is what the Russell Organics Maracuja Oil looks like:


It is $34.00 for 2 fl oz. In my case, I use it every day for my skin, and I get about 7 – 8 weeks out of the bottle, so I consider that a good bargain as my skin now looks incredible.